The Marker Key West Waterfront Resort

The Marker Key West Resort

Pool view from the balcony California inspried poolside bar & grill Sunsets are just outside your door Cero Bodega tacos and martini with poolside service 32 Seat bar with service poolside Key West tropical landscaping surround the property Classic style porches add to the architectural design Room for the biggest wedding reception Evening table set poolside Pull right up to the front The Florida Keys are all about the water Tropical decor and a King size bed Double Queen with balcony overlooking the pool Modern bathroom with a classic twist Oceanview Captain's quarters King with private porch Harbor views fit for a Captain Resort lifestyle begins in the loby Why have one pool when you can have three? A fitness center is available to stay in your routine.
The Marker Key West is the first stop for anyone looking for a luxury resort on the island. Offshore fishing and snorkeling cruises are available from the harbor directly in front of this property.


So impressed with the Marker in Key West. We stayed up the Keys in Marathon last year and wanted to stay in Key West because that's where we ended up spending all our time. I was able to at least know that I wanted to stay down towards the end from our previous trips. I don't really write too many reviews so I'll just list off the great things about this resort. Starting with the staff. They are so laid back and friendly, we were laughing and so relaxed before we even went up to our room. Everyone from the front desk to the bar seems to genuinely be happy about being there. Next was the view from the balcony. If you drop your bags and say WOW really loud when you walk into the room, you'll know what I'm talking about. We had a view of the harbor marina that I’m sure is a postcard somewhere. Next I'd say is the whole three pool concept. I've never been to a hotel or resort that had multiple pools, but this is an amenity I'll certainly look for on the future. Most importantly one of them is for adults only. This is Really nice. I fell asleep twice by the pool and actually slept for a while. I was never woken up by screaming slashing kids. It was glorious! Last and maybe the most important, absolutely everything you could ever want out of this place is right around the corner. We booked a charter that went right out of the marina behind the property and caught a wahoo and several mahi-mahi. The fish so nice they named it twice. We also went out on the Sebago which is a snorkel trip on a huge catamaran. That was really an awesome experience. We went for the dual trip which included a sunset cruise. This was the move. In the end we had a great experience and anyone headed to the Florida Keys, I recommend drive until you run out of road. When you do, you'll find yourself at the front door of The Marker.

The Marker Key West is like a fantasy of tropical delight. It's soooo clean! Everything is fresh and new. Step out onto the balcony or just open the doors and let the ocean breeze take you away. This place is the best! The level of luxury and a setting of lush Caribbean foliage will immures you in a world of the tropics. Everyone raves about what a great location it is and I agree. However we didn't leave the property or the pools very often. Highly recommend to anyone that wants the best. This is it!

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Driving Distance

  • Key Largo
    98.5 Mi (2 Hrs 6 Min)
  • Marathon Key
    51.6 Mi (1 Hrs 9 Min)
  • Miami
    160 Mi (3 Hrs 17 Min)
  • Naples
    272 Mi (4 Hrs 39 Min)
  • Siesta Key
    374 Mi (6 Hrs 14 Min)
  • Orlando
    394 Mi (6 Hrs 17 Min)
  • Daytona Beach
    420 Mi (6 Hrs 43 Min)
  • Ft Lauderdale
    191 Mi (3 Hrs 35 Min)